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Orbico Beauty has been servicing the Polish market for 20 years, helping reputable, international brands to penetrate and develop on the local market. 

Our Polish consumers have been able to enjoy these lifestyle brands with products from beauty. 

Our core objective is striving for excellence in market operations, human resources, logistics and finance, through which we can claim to be the proud provider of outstanding quality services to our happy consumers.

Sylwia Pilch
Division Manager 

Orbico Beauty

Orbico Beauty companies are members of Orbico Group specialized in distribution of beauty products. Since 1996 we provide full service of sales, marketing, distribution and retail on the cosmetics market.

Today we are the leading beauty distributor in Europe present in 19 countries with revenue of 209MM euros in 2018.

We cover 6 categories of beauty business (make up,...

Our services

Orbico Beauty offers complete and comprehensive business solutions for our partners of whome most are global market leaders in their categories. Our companies respect each brand's philiosophy and follow their strategy. Our role is to raise brand awareness and actively engage in brand advocacy.

We offer cluster model to our partners with one point of contact,...

Our partners

Orbico Beauty companies have a long term business relationship with many international companies and enable brands in their portfolio to connect to customers and consumers in the local markets.

Most of the brands in our portfolio are world renowned and have strong market value, high brand awareness and retailers desire to have them in their assortment.


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